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Recent Posts in January, 2020

  • Self Defense for Seniors

    Self Defense for Seniors
    Older adults are often perceived as easy targets for criminals. They move more slowly and can appear weak and less nimble – all of which is a sign to criminals that they can be overpowered. In fact, a ...
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  • Helping Seniors Get Organized

    Helping Seniors Get Organized
    Nearly every year, the top New Year’s Resolutions are things like eating healthier, exercising more, and losing weight. Getting organized is barely mentioned, but haven’t we all heard people exclaim, ...
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  • Estate Planning Basics for Senior Citizens

    Estate Planning Basics for Senior Citizens
    Senior citizens may not always realize the role of estate planning in the life of their family. They usually assume that their children will inherit everything they have. But there is more to know. In ...
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